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Smallsports is an Early Childhood Physical Education Company. Teaching children aged as young as 2 the fundamental movement patterns vital to playing organised sport. Our program is curriculum based, educational focused and physically, socially and cognitively rewarding. Our Classes are run in childcare centres, parks, playgroups and community groups and can be found on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Townsville.

Today’s technologically based society with; computer and gaming consoles, TV and mobile devices is now engaging children as young as 1. Taking away from the days when children spent more time outside playing with balls, climbing trees, riding bikes and socialising with friends. These new social trends are ever growing, often leaving fundamental development milestones that were otherwise acquired naturally, to be acquired through extra curricular activities.

Smallsports provides an all year round sporting program for children who attend childcare, community groups, & playgroups. Our program is non-competitive, fun, play and curriculum based, suitable for both boys and girls. Providing a fantastic framework for children to learn and interact within a safe and inclusive environment. All our staff are trained & qualified (all staff hold the appropriate suitability card to work with children) who will encourage and foster your child whatever their ability.

Often parents reserve a specific bias towards a particular sport (maybe because they may have played and loved that sport when they were young and would love to see their child follow in their footsteps) that sport may in fact be the sport that their child likes. However, that child may have a talent or a greater love for another sport, which that parent may be denying them access to. This can also have a number of other consequences such as, parents paying large amounts of money to register their child, buy the appropriate uniform, footwear and equipment only to have their child want to change sport. It can also cause children to dislike sport altogether, which can have life long effects. What we want to provide is a cost effective introduction to all major ball sports for children aged between 2-5 years and letting children decide which sport they like most and providing a pathway for children to move into a structured sport.

Smallsports also conducts;

Holiday Programs

Birthday Parties

Help us achieve our Mission Statement:

We want children to love sport!

We will achieve this by delivering an initial experience of sports related play that is rewarding to the child, physically, mentally and socially.