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Autumn and footy season!

Posted on 12th March, 2012 by Admin

If you’ve been born and raised a cold climate person like me, I’m sure you’re enjoying the pleasant cooler temperatures (sometimes!) and starting to get excited that autumn is on its way!! In our family, footy and netball registrations are all sorted, teams have been training enthusiastically and games are beginning. Across the country the winter codes like Rugby Union, Rugby League and AFL are definitely winding up as their season begins. AND with the slightly shorter but equally passionate enthusiasts at Smallsports, we’ve been really getting into the excitement of our next unit with footy balls!!


The kids have been loving the opportunity to catch, throw, kick and run with the footy – all packaged as always in our great Smallsports blend of fun games and imaginative play. Its such an encouragement to see how quickly kids catch on and improve in their understanding and physical ability. At home with our own kids we’ve been enjoying taking advantage of a cool, breezy day to grab a ball, head out out into the backyard or local park and have a go. What about you? Lets make the most of every opportunity since we know that its our involvement at home that really supplements and cements everything the kids are learning elsewhere.