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Active Play: 3, 2, 1, BLAST-OFF!!

Posted on 19th March, 2012 by Admin

How many times have we asked ourselves “what do I want to be when I grow up?” I still remember my Grandpa asking this question well into his 80’s! Butcher, baker, candelstick maker – there are so many employment options in today’s world. Current predictions are that many of our children will hold jobs as adults that don’t even exist right now. So, what can we do as parents to begin preparing our kids to  face the big wide world? How can we grow our children into healthy, well rounded people who will impact positively on their culture and society? What is my child’s “job” right now?


Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing has a few very helpful thoughts on this topic:

  • “It is your child’s job to be active every day! The learning and growth gained from being active is important for developing important physical, social, language, emotional and intellectual skills. It can also directly impact your child’s ability to deal with the situations and challenges they will meet later in life.”
  • “Children learn best when their whole bodies and minds are stimulated, and being active does just that. Free movement and active play is the most suitable form of physical activity for babies, infants and preschoolers.”
  • “Physical activity should be a daily priority in every family, and for children of all levels of ability.”

Check out this link to enjoy a short and very helpful read:$File/gug-hw22.pdf


Bearing in mind the clear scientific link between regular participation in physical/imaginative play and stronger intellectual and creative problem solving abilities, lets take the opportunity to “Get Up & Grow”. Though I may feel shattered and prefer to relax on the couch, I never regret the opportunities I take to head outside with my kids and get involved in some crazy, imaginative game with them. Sometimes its as simple as paying attention and giving positive feedback in those many “watch me Mummy” (or Daddy) moments that come our way. With our encouragement and participation in active play, we  can build a launch pad right now that will see our children confidently “blast off” and follow their dreams into the future.