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Press the snooze button …

Posted on 27th March, 2012 by Admin

We’ve reached that time of year already – Easter is almost here!! At our house we have a lovely combination of sleepy eyes and kids that are super hard to drag out of bed each morning. Not to mention the daily catch cry – “I don’t have enough energy for school; surely you want to give us all a day off, Mum!” And yes, I will admit, Mum is reduced to more regular evasive coffee action than usual too. So what is our solution? How can we make it to the school holidays, let alone survive the entire year? Should we just shut up shop, keep the kids home, and lose our jobs so we can stay happily relaxing cozied up in our houses watching tv all day?


Counsellor and physchology graduate Candice Schmidt gives us some great insight in her article “Sleep Secrets for a Better Life”. Research shows that today’s kids are “averaging an hour less sleep a night than 30 years ago” – not to mention adults! Schmidt says “We know that after a good night’s sleep we feel better, our thoughts are clearer, we are more productive and our emotions are less fragile but I was surprised at what research is revealing about the effects of too little sleep, especially for children.” She goes on to describe the results of lack of sleep for children such as “reduced academic performance … emotional instability … increase in medical conditions such as obesity” and gives plenty of helpful tips including how to recognise if our children are getting enough sleep, establishing a positive bedtime routine and healthy sleep patterns.


I found it very helpful to take a few minutes to read and ponder how to make sure enough sleep is happening in our household and you might find it useful to evaluate too. Feel free to follow this link to read the article in full:


Let’s get plenty of sleep going so our own little “ever-ready bunnies” don’t lose their bounce – and so we can keep up with them too!!!