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Slam Dunk!

Posted on 2nd April, 2012 by Admin

Yes that’s right, its time for basketball!! At Smallsports we’re starting on our basketball focus this week and the kids are loving it already. What a joy to see young ones enthusiastically trying something new – there’s nothing like the way their faces light up in that moment of  “I can do it, look at me!”


Easter almost upon us and the first part of the year is already slipping away. It’s so great to see how much knowledge, skill and confidence is building up in the kids, even over the short part of the year we’ve had so far. I’m loving seeing kids who started out nervous and shy to participate, now boldly joining in activities and proudly telling me useful things that they’ve learned: “my heart is pumping the blood all around my body”, “I’ve got 2 lungs to help me breathe”, “my muscles make me strong and fast” and of course my favourite “look at me, I can do it!” The increase in catching, throwing, kicking and hitting ability with a variety of balls, following instructions, understanding games and plenty more is seriously so cool to see.


This seems like a great time to notice and be thankful for the good things that have happened in our lives and families. What progress have we made? What have we learnt or grown in? What challenges have we overcome? A quick look back can be so encouraging as we see how far we’ve come already this year. Then, how about taking a moment to pick one or two things to have a look at next. What would I like to focus on? For myself? For my kids? For our whole family? If we have something particular in mind, it won’t be long till we’re looking back and celebrating that too.


Hope you have a super Happy Easter full of fun, friends, hot cross buns and plenty of tasty Easter eggs!