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The heart of an ANZAC

Posted on 23rd April, 2012 by Admin

ANZAC day is almost upon us and its got me thinking …

My Grandpa lied about his age and became an ANZAC at the ripe old age of 16. We kids were obviously not around in the days of World War Two but our Pop definitely had a major positive input into our lives. Even as adults the grandchildren have been known to phone from all over the world for a bit of the best advice and encouragement which we all knew was always available from our Poppy. There was never any question – we’d surely all stop in to visit Pop, regardless of convenience, whenever we were anywhere near our old home town. Plus, we had to share our Grandpa with most of the town since they’d all claimed him as their Pop too.

As Australians (and New Zealanders in my case) we all immediately know what it means to be an ANZAC. Its part of who we are to recognise and celebrate the ANZAC culture of hard work, determination, courage, mate-ship. Why? Because its has been established in us over time to see and honour those positive elements that make us proud of our country and our heritage. So, what about us now? What will our grandchildren remember of us in 50 or more years? What elements of who we are and the culture we’ve created will be celebrated in the future? Who can we become now that will influence and impact our children and grandchildren for good?

Let’s take a look at our lives and families and be encouraged. Notice the positive things in the culture of our own families that we can highlight, celebrate and build on. Do you love to laugh? Do you have shared interests and enjoy fun together? Are you courageous and determined? Do you have kindness and empathy for others? Every family is different and we know as parents it is always so easy to notice the things we are doing wrong (I know I’m certainly surrounded by my mistakes every day!). But just for now, why not pause and take note of the good things about our families, be thankful for our children, be encouraged about the things we are doing right.

As we remember and celebrate ANZAC day, and the heart and courage that’s gone before us, let’s also aspire to leave an amazing legacy for our children and grandchildren.