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On the move …

Posted on 30th April, 2012 by Admin

The development of movement skills has been scientifically linked to increased academic ability, problem solving and creative thinking capabilities in later life – pretty important stuff really! As parents our desire is to do whatever we can to set the next generation up for success. In general, children are enthusiastic about active play and as adults we can build on this.

“Get up & Grow” has a whole bunch of excellent suggestions to get us going; “Develop children’s skills by suggesting improvements, and encouraging them to try new things … Children need to feel confident in exploring new ways to move. Look for opportunity to slowly build on what your child can already do.” The idea is to start with basic movement and gradually build up from here. Involve kids in a variety of movement types including the following examples:

– Upper body movements: building, hitting, digging – start with large items and move progressively towards smaller and more detailed

– Lower body movements: jumping, kicking, walking – again, moving from simple towards more complex activities

– Whole body movements: dancing, climbing, balancing – use everyday items boxes, pillows, planks of wood

Once again we find that its easier than we thought and our choice to play energetically with our kids and encourage them in physical activity have far reaching effects, so much more benefit than we may ever know. Feel free to find the following site and enjoy a bit of further inspiration and helpful tips:$File/gug-hw24.pdf

Let’s get involved with encouraging our kids development of movement skills, and most of all let’s remember to really enjoy our kids at each stage as they grow!