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The “key” to success

Posted on 28th May, 2012 by Admin

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” (John Robert Wooden, well known US basketball coach). Now here’s a well known quote that I, in my selflessness, have illustrated beautifully for your benefit.

About two weeks ago, to my acute embarrassment, I locked my keys in my car and was forced to call RACQ to help me out. The phone conversation went something like this – Operator: (after collecting endless information and fixing all the errors they had on our account) “Now what’s wrong with the vehicle ma’am?” Me: “Nothing, except that the keys are locked in it”. Most certainly not my finest hour! Having finally made it home very late to sort out children I was at last ready to move onto a friendly conversation with my husband about “the event”. He is always so gracious and kind, and never gives himself away, apart from the confused, how is it possible to be so stupid? look in his eye. We repeated what we have said many times since we purchased this car – “We really need to get some more keys cut and hide one on the car to make sure we’re ready in case the keys get locked in (again).”

Flash forward to today’s wondrous events: yep you guessed it!! Keys locked in car, only worse this time because wallet and phone also locked inside. Oh joy I get to further share my shame by needing to borrow a phone and have someone look up the RACQ number for me to call. Haven’t got to the end of the day yet, but pretty sure it will end with that same old conversation about needing to get more keys cut!!!

The simple point is that we knew when we purchased this older car that locking the keys inside would be a potential hazard (oh for the days of keyless entry again!). We knew that we should be prepared with spare key options so we wouldn’t be caught out. We were unprepared and suffered the consequences. And did we learn from our mistake? I think not!!

All this has got me thinking again about the importance of looking ahead. I find that when we intentionally schedule in some time to hang out with our kids whether it be reading a story, drawing, a bike ride or the beach or park, we generally follow through on our plan. But when we have the “let’s just wait and see how we feel on the day” approach, we generally find that how we feel looks like us crashed out exhausted on the couch and telling the kids to leave us in peace. So here’s today’s opportunity for all of us – why not learn from my mistakes and take a moment to prepare/plan some quality time with our kids this week? (Or go get those keys cut!!)