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Soar to high heights…

Posted on 13th June, 2012 by Admin


Yes, the parachute fun continues! I’ve been pondering one of my favourite children’s books today – Oh the Places You’ll Go, by Dr Seuss. After a little bit of a cruise on google I made a few discoveries. Did you know that Oh The Places You’ll Go “has been on the New York Times top-ten bestseller list every year for fourteen years.  This treasured book is given to newborn babies, graduates and retirees of every age, and is the perfect story of encouragement, love and support.” (1) I think its pretty cool that one man’s awesome & crazy stories are continuing to inspire generation after generation of kids with great messages of encouragement – I know my kids love reading the books and also really enjoyed the movies of Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax. Imagine being a person creative and imaginative enough to capture the interest of those around us, and living a life that continuously sends signals of “be yourself; you can do it” – now that’s a worthy aim I say!!

So, at Smallsports we’re continuing on with parachute based games and learning so much about teamwork, aiming high, and trying to grasp the concept going that we can achieve great things in our lives if we are bold, enthusiastic and courageous, like the guy in this next photo. Again, as Dr Seuss said, “You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.” (2) Why not follow this link to check out 30 great Dr Seuss quotes to cheer your day.  (3)



Admittedly our soaring to great heights looks a bit more like this, but you’ve got to start somewhere right! Let’s enjoy our week and take a moment now and then to look up into the bright blue sky and imagine ourselves doing something daring in our lives too.


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