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Soak up the sunshine!

Posted on 18th June, 2012 by Admin


Yes winter is truly upon us. Serious rugging-up with cozy warm jackets and scarves has definitely become the order of the day in so many places. And, if you’re fortunate enough to live in Queensland, we can definitely feel the winter bite in the air in the evenings and mornings, even if our mid-day is still as balmy as other people’s mid-summer. Many of us seem to have made that natural seasonal  switch away from hopping from tree to tree in search of shade and are now wanting to head outdoors and really soak up the sun.

In between homework, cooking dinner, sending unwilling boys off to clean their muddy knees in the shower etc, I do occasionally catch snippets of the news, though as you can imagine this approach to the news is not usually productive of a particularly clear understanding of current events. Having heard bits lately about the apparently large number of Australians found to be vitamin D deficient, I thought I’d have a little read to see what all the fuss is about. The good news is its all pretty simple for even the most distracted parent mind to understand (exhibit 1, yours truly!), and also I am encouraged to hear that even though vitamin D deficiency does definitely lead to problems, particularly in the area of bone health, its simple and easy to find out where you’re at and make any changes as needed.

Basically for those of us lucky enough to inhabit Queensland its really just that good old balancing act as always – maximum vitamin D vs minimum skin damage/cancer. In short, enjoy the fresh air, play outside with your kids on these golden clear winter days but certainly there’s no need to throw out the baby with the bath water – the good old “slip slop slap” we learned when we were kids still works a treat. I’ve noted a few great articles from Australian publications for anyone who wants to take a moment to read up.