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Go for Gold!!

Posted on 9th July, 2012 by Admin


19 days to go!! The countdown is on for the 2012 London Olympics. At Smallsports we are taking a good look at the Olympics and finding out all kinds of interesting things, like: what is the Olympics (no mean feat since most of us weren’t born yet for the last Olympics), what kinds of events there, what does it mean to represent your country, what is a medal and how do you get one? We’re really getting into the Olympic spirit with programs focussing on the Olympics as a whole and a variety of Olympic sports. Children are really enjoying the opportunity to try new things such as shot put, long jump, triple jump, javelin and relay – all Smallsports style of course!! Using our much loved bees and bears story scenarios and modified version of each sport kids are learning new sports as well as teamwork, sportsmanship, communication and more.

Mary Lou Retton definitely knows what it means to put in your all and represent your country with pride. Mary Lou is a gymnast and the first female from outside Eastern Europe to win gold in the all-round category. As we know, the Olympics is considered a pinnacle of succes and as Mary Lou said “For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth.” 2.  And we, too, are learning to give it a go, test ourselves, and dream of winning awards too, whether they be medals for our school sports, academic achievements or maybe even the Olympics one day!


Over these next weeks let’s take the opportunity to chat with our kids about the Olympics, support our nation (whether it be the good old Aussie green and gold, or our home nation for those of us who are ring-ins), help our kids to realise that we really can dream big dreams – and when we add plenty of  determination and hard work we can achieve those dreams too!!



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