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The countdown is on!!

Posted on 16th July, 2012 by Admin

Giant Olympic Rings unveiled on Tower Bridge   1.


As we can see here, London-town is decking itself out in it’s best finery ready to welcome athletes and ensure that the 2012 London Olympic games is a celebration of sporting endeavour to be remembered for many years.

The Flame is carried by Dame Ellen MacArthur   2.

The Olympic torch is on day 58 of its 70 day relay covering both inner city, historical sites and picturesque English countryside. Pictured here, Olympic gold medalist former sprinter Michael Johnson holds the Olympic Flame at Stonehenge, at the beginning of Day 55 of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.

If you take a moment to think on it, you’ll be as amazed and impressed as I am at the level of detail, organisation and preparation that is put into an event like the Olympics. And the reward? Well, for one city and nation there’s the opportunity to showcase your greatness to the world (and make LOTS of money!!). For the athletes involved, its all about achieving personal goals and the honour of representing your homeland. And for the general run-of-the-millers at home there’s no denying its pretty inspirational to watch some events and see what natural talent and monumental amounts of hard work can achieve.

If you ask me, the Olympics is a great quality time and conversation starter handed on a platter to us as families. Watch a snippet with the little ones and talk about things like the importance of following our dreams, the sky is the limit, you’ll never know unless you have a go … You’ll be astounded at the delightful conversations and learning times that can come from this.

At Smallsports we’ve been buzzing – its so exciting to try new things and its great to see the kids enthusiastically having a go at shot put, relays, long jump and other events. We’ve loved looking at examples of medals and even having our own pretend medal ceremonies (admittedly its much easier to get a Smallsports medal – all you have to do is “listen to the teacher and be kind to your friends”.) Why not ask your child to show you some of the things they’ve learned, chat about the Olympics together and let’s enjoy the chance to build confidence and hope into our own families about the bright future in front of them!!