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Posted on 6th August, 2012 by Admin


ECARE1000 Kite-Bike-Hike

A bunch of people I know completed an amazing trek over the last couple of weeks. Entitled E-Care 1000, the aim was “To Be the First Team to Ever Successfully cycle the Cape York road, Kite Surf from Australia to PNG, to complete the Kokoda Track from Kokoda to Owers Corner – ending what is truly a MEGA TRIATHLON” (1.) ¬†Amazing!! For me, it is basically impossible to imagine succeeding on a 700 km bike ride, 200 km kite surf and 100km hike – and that’s without even taking into account scary things like crossing the Torres Strait with who-knows-what creatures swimming just below, chafe and blisters, huge amounts of dust, nasty bugs and plenty of discomfort.

And yet, there’s only one way to answer that ever present question – do I have what it takes? Like the many Olympian athletes who’ve been inspiring us on tv, and like the adventurers who undertook the E-Care 1000 we all face challenges. The question is, will we pull back or push on? Maybe its as simple as cleaning the house, cooking a meal, completing a project at work or pushing cheerfully through winter coughs and colds. The thing is, if we can learn perseverance in the little things, we will certainly have more hope of pushing on with life’s larger missions.

Why not take a moment and pick one thing to push on with today?