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Sweet or not so sweet?

Posted on 6th September, 2012 by Admin

Yes its the perfect time of year for bouncing up off our couches and getting excited about things like spring cleaning, projects around the house and health and fitness.

In our family, we’ve decided to aim for a bit of a Sugar Free September project. As many of us are aware, sugar has become more and more a major part of the regular person’s diet over the last century and with some extremely severe health effects. For example obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer were virtually unknown as recently as the early 1900’s. Many health professionals believe lifestyle changes since that time are largely responsible for the incredible rise in many of these health challenges.

So how much change has there really been to our sugar intake over the years? Here are a few statistics to get our attention:

  • In 1700, the average person consumed about 1.8 kg of sugar per year
  • In 1800, the average person consumed about 8.2 kg of sugar per year
  • In 1900, individual consumption had risen to 40.8 kg of sugar per year
  • In 2009, more than 50 percent Americans consumed 81.6 kgs of sugar per year


Wow – those are some  impressive numbers!! This is one reason why our family is having a good go at eliminating (or certainly lowering) our sugar and junk food intake this month. I’m not going to lie, we did have a bit of a false start, but  I can tell you that now, even after only a few days, we’re definitely feeling improvements in energy levels and optimism.

So, why not try hitting up google and also jump onto the Gold Coast Active and Healthy website to check out plenty of practical and simple ideas of how we can make small changes with our families to eat a bit healthier this Spring?