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Footy Fever

Posted on 4th October, 2012 by Admin

The Rugby League final has come and gone this weekend, but footy fever is hotting up again in October for Smallsports. Catching, passing, kicking, teamwork and other useful lessons all wrapped up in fun games and stories for the little ones.

This morning we played one of our favourite games, “The Bear in the Middle”, which we haven’t played for a long time. As we got started, several children enthusiastically jumped in with comments about how much they ‘love this game’! One of my favourite things about Smallsports is that every kid gets to enjoy learning through stories and games and participate with their friends in a setting that is all confidence and no embarrassment.

Yep it’s definitely rewarding to see the kids faces lit up in smiles as they call out “Look at me! I can do it!”

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