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Moments and memories

Posted on 13th November, 2012 by Admin


It seems that November is a momentous month for us this year: awards at school presentation night, moving house, new jobs and everthing generally moving forward apace just now. A time of memory making which hopefully our children will remember fondly in the future.

So I took a peek & found a few other great November moments for us to enjoy:

November 1, 1512 – Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel paintings were first exhibited

November 2, 1955 – Jim Henson’s “Kermit the Frog” the first Muppet was copyright registered.

November 3, 1903 – Listerine was trademark registered

November 5, 1901 – Henry Ford received a patent for a motor carriage.

November 8, 1793 – The French museum, the “Louvre” was opened to the public

November 12, 1940 – BATMAN was trademark registered.

November 16, 1982 – The Space Shuttle Columbia completed its first flight

November 19, 1943 – Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico

November 27, 1894 – Mildred Lord was granted a patent for a washing machine


Who can know  how history-making today could be? How many times do we look back on moments we’ve allowed to slip by without nearly enough celebration? Let’s make the most of today, savour our kids as they grow, and store up plenty of memories for us to enjoy when we make it to our front porch and rocking chair days!!


1. Top picture: Customizing‑your‑Trophies‑by‑