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Terms and Conditions


Subscription fees are paid in advance. Fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis from the time when your child starts in the month. Statements will be given upon request throughout the year. Alternatively, we will also give parents full access to their online account, where you will be able to update details, check balances and follow payments that have been made.


You will only be credited for classes which Smallsports is unable to deliver and cannot make up. Refunds will be given where classes cannot be made up and a credit is not sufficient.


– half hour in duration.

– maximum of 12 children per teacher.

– Classes cancelled for whatever reason, are made up by delivering 45 minute classes over the following two weeks.

– Classes are run throughout the year (except in December and January) unless advised by Smallsports or upon negotiation with the individual child care centres, playgroups or third party organisations like local councils or community groups.


– credited if your child is away for more then 2 weeks & has given one weeks notice in the form of a letter, fax or email to our head office or directly to the franchisee.

Exclusion Policy

Consistently disruptive behaviour in class by a child may result in exclusion from the class for the benefit of the other children.

Cancellation of Subscription

– must be given by notifying head office or the franchisee directly, either by email, fax, letter or phone. You will be billed for classes up until cancellation has been received by the office. Children will not be taken if fees remain outstanding. We do not want to upset a child with exclusion because of unpaid fees!

What to bring?  – Safety

Please ensure your child have a hat, drink bottle and enclosed shoes.

Smallsports must adhere to our venues policies and procedures.