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Are you at a loss as what to do for your child’s next BIRTHDAY PARTY? Do you want the kids entertained for an hour with some fun, game based activities, designed to stimulate them physically and mentally? (They will sleep well for you that night) Do you want your kids to have a ball at their next party? 

If you answered “YES” to all the above, then this is for you! Smallsports is conducting parties, so invite us to your child’s next party and we’ll ensure the kids are entertained with loads of fun games and activities that will keep them wanting more!!!

Parties include:
– Two sports of your choice which run just under 30 mins each
– Parachute games (Surfing, rockets and Bee/Bear)
– Smallsports branded ball of your choice Basketball, Soccer Ball or Football)
– Birthday card
– Most importantly LOADS OF FUN!!!!!


  Birthday Presentations

Your child will be given a ball on the week of his/her birthday in front of their friends at the end of the Smallsports class. Only $10. To book or find out more give us a call or fill out the form below.

Birthday Parties

Smallsports can conduct an hour of party activities at your choice of venue, time and date. Only $150 (Maximum of 20 children). To book or find out more give us a call or fill out the form below.


To make an enquiry please fill out the form below.

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