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This page is designed to HONOUR your children’s achievements no matter how BIG or SMALL!!! We would love to see a picture and receive a blurb of your little treasure reaching a childhood sporting milestone! Did they catch, kick or hit the ball? If you caught that moment on camera we want to know about it!

Here at Smallsports we love the concept behind one of Australia’s classics, ‘The Castle’. Love it or loath it, it is seen as one of those Australian low budget greats which was the springboard for some of Australia’s great acting talents like Eric Banna. (If you haven’t seen it, hire it out and have a laugh on us) This movie, if nothing else highlights just how important the family unit is and each of the roles within it!

The Castle shows a simple Australian family living next to a busy Airport. To some they couldn’t think of anything worse, however to the Kerrigan’s it is their Castle and they wouldn’t trade it for anything! Darryl the father, gives the GREATEST illustration of what a father/parent should represent to their kids…unfailing, unconditional love, respect and protection.  When the airport notifies the neighbouring residents that their houses will be repossessed to make way for the airport extensions, Darryl immediately moves to protect his family. This protection, safety and security shown, should be provided by all parents. The parent’s role is not only to protect their children physically but emotionally as well. Darryl gives a simple yet extremely effective example of this, by putting aside any failings his child may have and giving 100% to honouring the achievements and gifts of his children, by placing it in his ‘Pool Room’!

This simple tribute to his children does wonders to their self-esteem and self worth! We as parent can often overlook just how hurtful our actions can be to the little people that look up to us the most. There are endless studies that show just how detrimental a parents and especially a father’s actions/words can be to a child, often leaving emotional scars that can be seen decades later. These scars present in many different forms, such as; eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and a vast array of other psychological conditions. Parents and grandparents are given the greatest role and responsibility in shaping and developing their children. This role should not be overlooked or taken lightly! Do you have a GLORY BOARD in your house, is your fridge covered with all those pictures your child has drawn which you couldn’t tell if it’s a horse, a house or a dog? Do you have all those goofy photos of your child attempting their first steps, bike ride, kicking a ball, standing on a surf board, displayed for the world to see? or better still your child to see? IF YOU DON’T, THERE’S NO BETTER TIME TO START THAN NOW!!!!!

So, here at Smallsports we’re throwing it back to you! Send us your photos and blurb of your child’s BIG OR SMALL achievements and we will honour each and every one in our ‘Pool Room’ here on our website!!! (note: Please ensure they are appropriate and you have the consent of all photographed before you send it in!)

Thank you and we look forward to honouring your child here!

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